Tuesday, March 24, 2009

List Of Playmatic Pinball Machines

Playmatic was a Spanish company that produced pinball machines from 1968 to 1987. Playmatic machines are revered by collectors and restorers because their play fields have a plastic coating that rarely wears out. The company produced 63 different pinball machines during the course of their business, 41 of them solid-state.

Late '60s

1968: Caravan, Racers

1969: Hit Line, Poker, Serenade

1970 to 1975

1970: Caddie, Viking

1973: Black Flag, Geisha, Magic, Play Time

1974: Chance, Gunner, Harem, Joker, Jolly Ride

1975: Apache, Caddie, Ducks, Tam-Tam

1976 to 1980

1976: Fantasy, Fandango, Fiesta, Conquest 200, New World

1977: Hangers, The 30's, Carnival, Speakeasy, Rio

1978: Space Gambler, Big Town, Last Lap, Chance

1979: Party, Antar

1980: Dixie, Super Win, Zira, Evil Fight, Attack, Black Fever

1982 to 1987

1982: Cerberus, Spain 82

1984: KZ-26, Nautilus, The Raid, Mega Aaton, UFO-X

1985: Mad Race, Rock 2500, Star Fire, Stop Ship, Trailer

1986: Flash Dragon

1987: Phantom Ship, Skill Flight

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